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About Prof John Forsythe


Professor John Forsythe is a teaching and research academic within the Department of

Materials Science and Engineering at Monash University in Melbourne Australia. He is the 

co-director of the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME). MIME aims to accelerate

the discovery, creation, and translation of methodologies, processes and technologies that

will improve human health with the goal of integrating engineering principles, biomedical

technologies, and preclinical and clinical research with the aim of creating novel technologies

that could be developed by commercial collaborators for improving the delivery of healthcare.


His main area of research focuses on the synthesis and modification of novel polymer

biomaterials for use in tissue engineering, bionics and biointerfaces.


In his work Professor Forsythe has explored a wide range of polymer biomaterial systems,


  • The manufacture of injectable or nanofibrous scaffolds which assist in the repair of
    damaged neural pathways in the brain

  • The development of anti-bacterial surface coatings and wound dressings

  • Injectable matrices for cartilage repair

  • Photoreponsive biopolymers for 3D cell culture and tissue engineering

  • Electroactive biomaterials for new generation electrode devices



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