Group Members

Dr Kun Zhou

Research Fellow

Harnessing the regenerative capacity of the brain using biomaterials

Supervisor: John Forsythe

Andrew Hong

PhD Candidate

Injectable hydrogels for the treatment of stroke

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Bradley Broughton, Mibel Aguilar, Chris Sobey

Yue Yao

PhD Candidate

3D printing brain structures

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Laurence Meagher, Andrey Molotnikov, Helena Parkington

Surakshya Shrestha

PhD Candidate

A microRNA delivery system to induce bone repair by mesenchymal stem cells

Supervisors: Jess Frith, John Forsythe

Miheng Dong

PhD Candidate

New generation neural electrodes based on graphene

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Helena Parkington, James Fallon

Mahnaz Modarresi

PhD Candidate

Injectable beta-peptide hydrogels and amnion stem cells for novel treatments of stroke

John Forsythe, Mibel Aguilar, Brad Broughton, Helena Parkington

Samaneh Mirzaei

PhD Candidate

Injectable beta-peptides for novel treatments of Parkinson's disease

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Mibel Aguilar, David Finkelstein

Thuy Nguyen

PhD Candidate

Injectable cell laden microgels for cartilage regeneration

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Jess Frith. Helmut Thissen

Amelia Sfameni

Final Year Project Student

Brain organoids - engineeirng 3D microgel models of the brain

John Forsythe and Helena Parkington

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Dr Anisha Balachandran

PhD (2020)

3D culture systems for the production of T cells

John Forsythe, Ann Chidgey, Nick Boyd, Richard Boyd

Dr Patcharin Chen

PhD (2020)

Graphene based 3D electrodes for brain recording and stimulation

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Helena Parkington

Dr Fanyi Li

PhD (2019)

Microfluidic generation of MSC laden microgels for cartilage regeneration

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Jess Frith, Helmut Thissen

Dr Julian Ratcliffe

PhD (2019)

Peptide nanofibres for neural regeneration

Supervisors: John Forsythe, James Gardiner

Dr Jason Marroquin

PhD 2019; Research Fellow

Graphene coatings for neural electrodes

Supervisors: John Forsythe and Helena Parkington

Dr Vinh Truong

Research Fellow

Light responsive biomaterials

Supervisor: John Forsythe

Dr Yue Shi

PhD 2018

Biomaterials for Infection Resistant Devices

Supervisors: John Forsythe, Trevor Lithgow, Patrick Perlmutter

Dr Subhadeep Das

PhD ITTB-Monash 30 June 2017

Engineering amyloid fibrils for nanotechnology and neuronal cell regeneration

Samir Maji, John Forsythe

Dr Sepideh Motamed

PhD (2017)

Bioactive scaffolds for redirecting endogenous neural stem cell migration to repair the injured brain

John Forsythe, Mibel Aguilar, David Finkelstein

Dr Chenghao Zhu

PhD (2017)

Modified soft elastomers for cardiac tissue engineering

John Forsythe, Wayne Cook, Bing Wang


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