Professor John Forsythe and his research group specialise in developing new functional biomaterials for a wide range of applications in bioengineering.


These include novel biomaterial-based strategies for stroke, traumatic brain 

injury, Parkinson's disease, cartilage repair, T-cell cancer therapies, antimicrobial devices and neurobionics.



Welcome to the Forsythe Biomaterials Research Group

Microfluidic encapsulation of cells for cartilage repair, brain tissue engineering and T-cell cancer therapies


Congratulations Dr Anisha!

25 May 2020

Well done Anisha for receiving her PhD. She did brilliant work using microparticles for T-cell differentation and delivery of CAR-T cells to fight cancer.

Bravo Dr Pat Chen

5 May 2020

Pat has been awarded her PhD. She did ground breaking research into 3D graphene mesh neural electrodes that integrate into the brain! 

Congrats Dr Fanyi Li

18 April 2019

It is fantastic to see Fanyi receive his PhD.  He was co-supervised by Jess Frith and Helmut Thissen and also spent time in Marcy Zenobi-Wong's lab at ETH Zurich.  Well done!

Well done Dr Julian Ratcliffe

21 Aug 2018

Julian was awarded his PhD! He did some great work on self assembling peptide scaffolds for neural tissue engineering. 


Well done Jason!

27 April 2018

It is official! Jason Marroquin was awarded his PhD. His work in 3D conducting microfibrous neural electrodes was outstanding. Well done!

Fanyi is off to Zurich

18 March 2018

Fanyi received a Faculty travel award to do some of this PhD research in Prof Zenobi-Wong's lab in ETH Zurich. He will look at microparticles for cartilage repair!

Congratulations Dr Yue Shi

2 February 2018

Well done Yue, who was awarded her PhD titlted "Biomaterials for Infection Resistant Devices".  A great effort!


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